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Welcome To My Life...
Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finally I've got some quiet time to blog .

Well, I've been working my butt off.
It's so tiring.
The thought of sitting in front of the computer and chatting and catching up with people is like the last thing on my mind whenever I get home .

Have been meeting the usual family for dinners, parties, sentosa outings, gatherings.

Lots and lots of pictures, but they are all not with me!
I think alof of those pictures are so nice .
Memories ..

I'm just going to upload a couple of my favourites.
Thats all .

And oh yah, have I mentioned that I freaking hate my face now .
Its like worse than a pimple plantation.
Have already spent like so much money on medicine and stuff like that but still the same .
It's so disheartening to look in the mirror everyday.

Actually there's so many things that I want to write about but I just don't know where to start, so typical of me..

Been keeping too too many things inside of me..
I think its like the worse worse worse junction of my life ..
My past few entries have never been about happy things...either there isn't any or that the happiness is just short lived.

Where is the real me ?
Even I can't seem to find my ownself .

Who else can help me but myself ...

Oh well ... I really don't know ..

Last but definately not least ,


And a couple of my favourite pictures :

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Welcome To My Life...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The end of my 2 long weeks..
And maybe more to come...

Have been working non stop since last week..
Have been doing over time every day and tomorrow is my first off day since last week..

Kind of vexed over certain stuff...
Maybe its not important ...
Like what Sasa say..
I keep on thinking of things thats not important ...

Thinking of it really make me... SIAN !!

Can't wait to go out tonight ...

Welcome To My Life...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Somehow I kind of regretted working...
I miss my life when I just used to idle around and just do nothing but go out the whole day, every day...

Maybe I will feel better when I see the money in the bank.
Maybe, maybe not....

Time is not really on my side as well...
But on the other hand, I want eveerything to end as soon as possible.

Oh well..
What can I say..

Life is just full of contradictions....

Its back to work again tomorrow and here I am dreading to go to work...
Bla bla bla ....

Welcome To My Life...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm sure alot of people remember Britney's come back after her long hiatus.
Remember the song she performed at the VMAs?
Everyone had their 2 cents worth about it.
I happened to chance upon this video of the ORGINAL CHOREOGRAPHY of that particular's day performance.

I was rather suprised.
It was an excellent choreography..
If only Britney could pull it off.

Oh well, looks like I gotta be the one to do it on her behalf then.

Hooked on to this song now..

Welcome To My Life...

Monday, June 30, 2008

When the thought of that comes into my head, my mind goes blank.
I don't know where to start.

When I was younger, I used to dislike my family alot.
Why couldnt I have a "perfect" family.
As I grow older, my idea of the "perfect" family changed.
It doesn't mean that everyone who stays together is a "perfect" family.

I used to put all the blame on my parents.
I really resent the fact that I did that.
Its stupid.

I admit that I still wished that I had more supportive parents while I was growing up.
Parents who cared and who listened to me.
The blatant truth here is that they did, but I felt that it was not enough.

Their love and support has always been there.

What went wrong ?

The answer here is me.

I went out of line.

Time and time again, I disappointed them.
They trusted me but I betrayed their trust.

Up till now, I have utterly disappointed them with 3 unforgettable and unforgivable things.
Of which , 2 of them happened only recently.

Over the past few months, although I know they are very disappointed and angry with me, they were constantly there to help me and to protect me. When I thought that my family was never there, I was so damm wrong. The more they helped me, and the more that they were there for me, the more guilt-stricken I was.

Once again, my mother has painted another beautiful picture for me, she has paved the way for me yet again.

And definately I do not want to disappoint her again and I do not want anything to go wrong.
I really feel the pressure this time round, because I really badly want to make things work and I really want to picture that my mother painted for me to come out the way she has pictured it to be...

All she wants is for me to lead a better life..and of cuz I want a better life for myself as well...

I also have another family.
My secondary family.
My friends.

I know I've said it like 1351562653457848 times, but I just want to say it again.
I really know who are my true friends who have stucked by me throughout the difficult times, not that its over but I appreciate the fact that they have been there for me.

There will be alot of things going on in my life for the next few years, or should I say the next 10 - 15 years.
And hopefully both of my families will be there with me till the end.

Welcome To My Life...

Friday, June 27, 2008

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Welcome To My Life...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's been a long time since I've updated my blog...
Don't worry, I'm still alive and kicking...

Though I won't deny that there has been alot unhappy thoughts going through my head almost every night...
And to add on to that, have been thinking alot about my future..as usual...
What am I going to do with my life etc etc...
So many things going on at once...
I do get headaches at times...probably from thinking too much...and from the lack of sleep...

Have been watching DVDs at home...
Trying to finish up with Grey's Anatomy...
Its such a fantastic show..
Can't wait to finish it and get on with Queer As Folk!!

Went for facial last week and my face became like the battlefield of World War 2 after that long 3 hour session!!
Felt so upset everytime I looked in the mirror..
Thank God that my face looks better now!!!

One of our fellow HGPs, the shingles boy , Bao Xian , is on MC...
So he has been accompanying Bao Chu and Me out ...shopping...movie marathons...high tea...supper sessions...gossip and bitching sessions over coffee...
Not forgeting Bao Tiu aka Hantu Gi gi who is always so lazy...taking time off from work and accompanying us as well..

Though alot was going through my head...
I definately enjoyed the company of my fellow HGPs...
Appreciate appreciate!!!

I also finally met up with Becky and Ai Er after a long long time!
Both of them havent changed much...
Becky as usual..being her motherly / sisterly self..
She's been encouraging me...being there for me...
She even bought food for me and delivered it to my door step!!!!
Touched touched touched!!

Becky - Thanks alot huns! Appreciate it!!! We shall do dinner again next week!!

Curretnly helping Bao Xian to plan Dr Kev's birthday...

Bao Xian : I know that you want things to go smoothly and I know you want it to be a nice, enjoyable and memorable party. Please don't stress yourself out ya, you have us to give you ideas and support. You can make it happen! Always keep calm and don't stress yourself!!

Bao Chu's birthday is also coming...
His hubby will plan everything for him...
Anyways, he isn't a big fan of celebrating birthdays..
Only have to think of what to get him...
Sorry Bao Chu sweet heart...can't afford too exquisite gifts at this moment..
You should know why la hor! =p

Going for lunch at Hyatt tomorrow with Bao Chu and Bao Xian...
Then its time to go shopping!!!
Its time I bought some clothes for myself!

Oh yah...
Bao Chu and Bao Xian...
You 2 stop laughing at the song at my blog ok!
Its nice nice nice!!
Love love love it!!

Bao Pui aka Britney Tan